Pressed juices

In the Bag in Box technology barrier foils and valves are used which prevent getting air and other pollutants into the interior of the bag. This promotes to maintain longer freshness and shelf life of products without the use of preservatives. The packages are ecological and recyclable. Production of juices offered by us is based on the old homemade recipes! Constant quality control of incoming raw materials ensures a high quality of a final product. On request, we put a logo on a box designed by the customer.

100% fruit juices are pressed cold without additives such as: sugar, water and preservatives. The most frequently ordered packing bags are 5 liters. In our offer we have bags from 2 liters to 25 liters. After opening a cap, the freshness of juice maintains up to 21 days at the room temperature.

Available types of juice packed into bags Bag In Box:


  • apple
  • apple - carrot
  • apple - beetroot
  • apple - celery


  • apple
  • apple - aronia
  • apple - pear
  • apple - raspberry
  • apple - blackcurrant
  • apple - cherry

250ml glass packaging:

  • apple
  • apple + fruit
  • apple + vegetables

Concentrated juice

Those juices are filled into glass jars with capacity of 0,27ml, 0,50ml, 0,90ml


  • raspberry
  • chokeberry
  • blackcurrant
  • strawberry
  • cherry

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„0% artificial additives”